The last thing local woman Amelia Stewart needed Saturday morning was a proverbial punch to the jaw, but that’s what she got when she attempted to settle her stomach with a sip of McDonald’s Sprite.

Or what she now likes to call ‘fucking TV static.’

It’s alleged that Amelia had gone a little over the top with her wine last night, which resulted in a hangover second worse only to gin – a wine induced hangover.

Caught in the horrible purgatory of feeling like she was going to vomit but being unable to induce one as she hadn’t eaten anything for 24 hours, Amelia ordered something from her local Maccas for a hangover meal, which typically consisted of the oiliest items on the menu – a hash brown and egg Mcmuffin – and a large coke.

However, when the driver had mistakenly given her a Sprite instead, Amelia reports she’d been ‘so overwhelmed by the powerful fizz that she’d ‘momentarily dissociated from her body.’

According to a spokesperson from Customer Watchdog Australia, the organisation has been trying to get McDonald’s Sprite off the menu for years as it allegedly contained PH levels ‘higher than battery acid.’

It’s also rumoured to be able to conduct electricity and can be used as a temporarily charging port if necessary.

More to come.


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