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A new report released by the World Happiness Organisation (WHO) has today revealed that money can in fact buy happiness and that the only people who disagree with the statement are already filthy rich.

Last June, WHO surveyed over 100,000 poor people and asked them one simple question, would you be happier if someone gave you a million dollars right now?

The results came back with an astounding 99% of people saying yes, they would definitely be happier.

In a separate survey, WHO asked 100,000 rich people if they believed money can buy happiness and, unsurprisingly, the majority of people said no.

What was interesting about the data from this survey was that of the people who said money can’t buy happiness, nearly all of them were born rich and had absent parents when they were growing up.

Boris Daller, a representative from WHO, explained to The Advocate that the purpose of this report wasn’t to tease poor people with the idea of money, but to prove that rich people are unhappy as a result of their environment, not because of money.

“Money didn’t make these people unhappy; upbringing, inherited mannerisms and a sense of entitlement made them unhappy.”

“Money can 100% buy happiness.”


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