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Sitting alone in what used to be an apartment he shared with his partner Steph, local bloke Nathan Fisher [34] finds himself desperately trying to block out some uncomfortable thoughts.

“Fuck. I fucked it.”

“Nah it’s fine, you’re better off, it’s going to be fine.”

“Oh wow, her name is still on the Netflix account.”

“I should remove it.”

‘I can’t remove it.”

God, the apartment feels so large for one person. So empty.

He feels empty.

But there’s no point dwelling on it. He has to distract himself, find things to do. That’s why he’s recently gotten into making jerky. And furniture restoration. And spearfishing. And rock climbing. And so much fucking running.

You see, if he keeps himself busy every second of the day, he won’t have time to feel like utter fucking shit. Work hard, party harder and simply find someone else. In fact, if he can just make sure he doesn’t have a single second to let his mind linger, the feelings will eventually go away.

He can’t be in this fucking apartment anymore. Maybe he should message the boys. 

“They’re all fucking married.”

Grabbing his sneakers and Airpods, Nathan figures 8pm is as good as any time to go for another run around the block and hopefully wear himself out before the dreaded bedtime thoughts.


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