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In light of the government’s has recent announcement that growing and processing marijuana for personal use in the Australian Capital Territory is legal, an announcement of another, quieter kind has occurred in a Betoota Quarry garage.

Daniel Salmand (18) announced to his friends this afternoon that he’d finally found where the quiet group of bong-smoking skateboarders will ring in schoolies.

“Fellas, I’ve got it.”

The red-eyed youths’ glassy eyes were all transfixed on the prophet like Daniel.

“Canberra” he proudly, yet unemotionally, announced.

Much to the surprise of Daniel, but to no one else who’s ever seen a teenager 3 cones deep, his friends didn’t really react with the enthusiasm he thought they would.

“You know, because weed’s legal there now!”

“Ohhhhh, truuuuueeee, that’s doooopppeee” said one of the more coherent young adults.

The remainder of the bong-heads smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Should we punch another cone, bruh?”

The sweetest question one will ever here.

More to come.


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