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The Prime Minister has gone on the attack today, calling the Opposition leader Anthony Albanese a ‘traitor’.

Scott Morrison is trying to frame himself, in his own words, as being the most trustworthy and competent candidate for next year’s election and to do that, he’s hired a team made up of a group of some cunt’s sons to tell him what he wants to hear.

“I am the most trustworthy and competent candidate,” the PM reportedly told his campaign advisors.

His advisors stared blankly ahead and nodded. Neither of them said anything.

“I mean, just look at who I’m up against. He grew up in housing commission, he’ll probably steal all the silverware in The Lodge if he gets the keys and take it down to Cash Converters. He’s from Camperdown, which is this shithole near Sydney University and now he lives in Marrickville, which is full of old people who can’t speak English and sodomites,”

“Albo is inherently untrustworthy because he grew up with not much money and probably has a propensity to steal. He’s incompetent because instead of how much he flip flops on policy. I don’t have a specific example but my campaign people will find them. He also has a small dog named after the dog in a blasphemous film called ‘The Wizard of Oz’ that was about some whore worshipping a false idol,”

“”It’s a two horse race and I’m the horse that’s going to win.”

His campaign advisor just nodded and smiled then realised it was only Thursday.

He sighed.

More to come.


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