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The Prime Minister has backflipped on his government’s travel ban with India, telling reporters in Sydney today that he’s ready to move on if the country is, too.

“Hey guys,” Scott Morrison opened.

“I’m backflipping on this enormously unpopular policy because it’s making me unpopular and I hate being unpopular because I’m here to be your mate and serve you,”

“I know, I know. I backflip on a lot of things that I think will make the country better and safer that everyone, even the most conservative Strathpine retiree, thinks is actually a fucking terrible idea,”

“Being a leader isn’t about doing what you think is right, it’s about doing anything to remain popular and in power,”

“I would literally do anything to be viewed as a more fiscally-responsible version on Bob Hawke.”

The Prime Minister then got up without taking any questions.

More to come.


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