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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has found himself getting rinsed by Twitter (but surprisingly virtually no Murdoch newspapers) for being on his mobile phone doing the dawn service yesterday, which is something Albanese would have no doubt lost the election for had it been him committing the gaffe.

Though many have touted it as ‘disrespectful’, Morrison has defended his actions by stating that he ‘wasn’t messaging anyone’, he was simply trying to figure out what that fun little trumpet song was. 

This comes just months after he and Jenny called out former Australian of the Year Grace Tame for having ‘bad manners’ for failing to paste a phoney smile on her face as she shook his hand, though arguably, tapping away at your phone during a national Remembrance Day is a tad worse.

Of course, Morrison says this whole thing is all just a misunderstanding and that it really wasn’t the worst thing he could have been doing on his phone, so we should just all get over it.

He explains his reasons to The Advocate, whilst showing us how the app works.

“I’m always on the hunt for a new song to play on the old ‘uke, so I might have been a little too quick on the trigger”, admits a sheepish Morrison.

“But it’s not often that you come across such a catchy tune.”

Tapping it open on his phone, Morrison says one of the girls showed him the app a few weeks ago, and that he’d had a blast using it ever since.

“Sometimes I try to sing into it and see if it can guess it haha.”


“Oh rats it didn’t get it, I swear it usually does.”

More to come.


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