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Self-loathing leftie Paul Murray has put his plans to take the country back on hold this week after some of his viewers recoiled in horror after the Sky News host suggested he needed to start blowing up bridges and shooting loyalist soldiers.

Last night on Paul Murray’s show, the inner-city vegan made comparisons to his struggle as a high-income worker to that of the Irish people, who have endured hundreds of years of illegal British occupation and tyranny.

“The resistance starts now,” he said.

“We should start blowing up bridges, we should start targetting loyalist soldiers and loyalist suburbs. I’m talking about Kooyong. I’m talking about Wentworth. I’m talking about Ryan and Hasluck. Those who swear allegiance to the government, they’re our enemies and we must resist what the mad left is going to do to us,”

“How many people have to die, Mr Prime Minister, for you to remove dental from Medicare? How many left-leaning soldiers have to die until you stop trying to put a nurse in every aged care home? How many pubs do we have to blow up before you understand that helping young people with shit jobs and poor parents get off the rental merry-go-round?”

“We need to resist the mad left.”

Today, the 32-year-old is back-pedalling from those remarks.

He told The Advocate today via telephone that many of the things he said were taken out of context and if anybody was offended by that, he is sorry that they are offended.

“I have done some learnings over the past 16 hours,” he said.

“As it turns out, the IRA and their alleged political arm, Sinn Féin, are actually centre-left parties. Some would say much further left than our Labor Party. There are people in that organisation that make Albo look like Bob Menzies. For that, I apologise,”

“I would also like to explain that I did not mean to insight violence of any kind. As we’ve seen in America recently, weapons are not a joke and making light of them is extremely poor taste. I apologise for that, I admit that I got a bit carried away.”

The Advocate reached out to the Diamantina Gaelic Club for comment but they didn’t know who Paul Murray was.

More to come.


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