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Popular with Alaskans looking to protect themselves from bears, the Glock 20 offers formidable stopping power, unmatched accuracy in its class the the kind of reliability that only an Austrian gunmaker like Glock can deliver.

The 10mm round has a proven track record of stopping threats and targets in their tracks, which makes it a perfect sidearm for our nation’s postpeople.

In recent years, as the countless articles and broadcast news packages will tell you, dog attacks on posties have gone through the roof and the postie union says enough is enough.

The Advocate supports the union in their request to state and federal bodies to give protections to posties that will do more than just prevent attacks.

Speaking to The Advocate today, Glenn Coleman from the Australian Post & Handling Union explained that the offer of shinpads and gloves just isn’t good enough.

“Our members want protect from these dogs, not a bit of plastic that will kinda [sic] stop a dog’s teeth sinking into their flesh,” he said.

“They want a standard issue firearm, such as the Glock 20 or a sub-compact weapon like the Glock 29. If a dangerous dog gets off the chain, a postie is defenceless against the beast. A Glock 20 would level the playing field substantially,”

“One round in the centre mass would remove the threat immediately. A single 180 Grain Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point round would stop a Grizzly. It will stop a dog. It’ll also stop the owner when he comes out holding a baseball bat. Leave a little entry wound in the front and blow six of his vertebrae back into his house,”

“At the end of the day, it’s just a dog. You can’t replace a person.”

However, there is opposition to this idea from the Australian Dangerous Dog Foundation (ADDAD), who says the problem is not with the dog, but with the owners who do not train them to control their anger.

Contrary to popular belief, the pitbull and/or staffie mutt are not the most dangerous dog in the world.

“It’s actually the Labrador,” said Fraser Gunk from the ADDA.

“Would a postman shoot a Golden Retriever if it bit him? If he did, he’d be public enemy number one. So I don’t think this ‘Arm The Postman’ policy would be a great idea,”

“And it’s not the dog that’s the problem. ADDA would support a policy whereby unfit dog owners are flogged with a kendo stick by those overall-wearing policemen who cover their name tags and bodycams. We don’t advocate them being shot with a 10mm hollow point. Their dogs should be re-homed or placed at a shelter.”

What measure do you support? Have your say in the comments below.

More to come.


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