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Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is under fire this week for running a number of ‘ghost candidates’ in electorates where the person neither lives or works.

Including former Prime Minister John Curtin’s corpse, which formally won the One Nation preselection for the blue-ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth.

Though Mr Curtin is not there and his brain was removed over 70 years ago and embalmed, Hanson says what’s left of Mr Curtin would be a stellar representative for the people of Sydney’s leafy outer east side.

“I’m sick of those on the left who attack us for trying to do what’s best for the silent majority of Quiet Australians,” she said in a joint press conference with Mr Curtain.

It’s unknown how One Nation came to be in possession of Mr Curtin’s remains, nevertheless, he has hit the campaign trail running.

Mr Curtin has been touring the Wentworth electorate on a crude rickshaw, where he’s being held down with lengths of plain wire and bailing twine.

“As for the news reports that Mr Curtin is scaring people as he goes about town, I find them to be preposterous.”

It is alleged that One Nation staffers took Mr Curtin’s remains into an East Sydney cosmetics shop, Mecca, where they asked the staff to perhaps jazz his face up so it looks less green and dry.

Patrons and staff were seen evacuating the shop, some projectile vomiting in the street as they ran.

Police in the area confirmed that a dead body had been brought into a cosmetics shop yesterday morning around 10 but have yet to locate it or the people who dragged it in on a blue tarp.

However, Mr Curtin joining the race to unseat incumbent Dave Sharma will have little to no effect on the final result, according to analysts.

More to come.


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