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In brain dead local news, a Betoota Heights woman has asked friends to keep the hot chips away from her after she pretty much pumped the whole bowl during an afternoon session down at the Lake Betoota Surf Club.

Speaking from the heart, Ween Norman said she just cannot help herself when french fries are put in front of her – especially after she’s put four RSL pours of white wine away on an empty stomach.

“Yes, fine, OK. I pretty much ate the whole bowl. Sue me,” she said.

“But I didn’t eat all of them, which makes a big mental difference. Sarz ate the last ones, not surprising to anyone who knows her well! [laughs] So why is this news?”

Our reporter told Ween that it’s news because nothing has happened in Betoota this week putting words, no matter how asinine, in the paper is better than nothing.

Ween shrugged and nodded sympathetically.

“Well. If that wasn’t bad enough, God, I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but we got a bowl of wedges later on and I pretty much ate the whole bowl again,”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

More to come.


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