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Amy Henry is looking down at her phone as she mindlessly shovels a boiled chicken into her mouth.

By the looks of things, many of her friends are overseas at the moment.

Instagram story after Instagram story; one pal galavanting around the Greek islands; another mate is on the cusp of greening out in an Amsterdam park.

But the meek 25-year-old portfolio manager has noticed that one friend in particular, is currently enjoying her second overseas holiday of the year.

“How the hell can she afford it?” she thought to herself.

She poked her head up over her cubical walls to see if one of the partners had come back from lunch yet.

Nope; she was free to continue looking like she wasn’t doing anything.

So quickly, before they came back, Henry spoke to our reporter on the telephone about what she was thinking and feeling about it all.

“I want to know how she gets the time off? It doesn’t add up. Well, to be honest, it probably does,” she said.

“Her new bloke works in a bank or something. Wait a minute, I’ve got his card in my top drawer.”

Amy put the phone down on the desk and our reporter heard draws being reefed open and shut. She swore a few times as well.

“Here it is. He works in emerging markets for Credit Suisse in the Old City District. What does that mean?”

Our reporter explained that it means he harvests human misery from the third world, takes it to Wall Street via Panama, Bermuda, Jersey and Malta and then eventually it makes it way back to Cliff Street in the town’s fabled Old City District.

“So that means he makes bank?” asked Amy.

Our reporter said it meant he probably made enough to go on two overseas holidays each year.

“Ah well, I guess that makes sense! I’m happy for her! Thanks!”

Amy hung up the phone and went back to eating her $13 boiled chicken salad.

All of a sudden, an email from a client came in declaring some sort of emergency that needs to be fixed by midnight tonight.

She cancelled dinner with her marginally employed boyfriend, Max, then got back to work.

More to come.


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