The Australians who have been exposed to the most buried story in politics are today wondering which prominent Royal Commission into Child Abuse identity will get the call up next time Scotty From Marketing visits the US.

This follows the cringeworthy news that Morrison has finally admitted to the fact that he attempted to bring Brian Houston with him to the White House when he visited President Trump for an event in September last year.

Brian Houston, the leader and CEO of Australia’s controversial Hillsong Church – which has close ties to Morrison’s own parish in Cronulla – known for protecting his pedophile father from ever being brought to justice of his abuse of young children in his care.

In 2014, The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard evidence that his father Pastor Frank Houston, founder of the Hillsong Church continued to preach after he admitted to molesting boys in New Zealand and later on here in Australia.

It was established that Brian Houston had knowledge of Frank Houston’s abuse of children, and even went as far as shaming and accusing one victim of ‘seducing’ his father in correspondence that was made evident during the Royal Commission.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump declined Morrison’s request to bring the rock-spider-apologist happy clapper with him to the White House.

However when questioned about it by media back in Australia, Morrison lied and dismissed the story as ‘gossip’ before stating that invitations were issued at the discretion of the hosts – and Mr Houston did not land an invitation.

However, an entire bushfire season, Hawaiian holiday, and poorly handled coronavirus outbreak later, the PM decided to admit to inviting Houston to the event afterall – during an interview with Ben Fordham on 2GB talkback on Monday.

Morrison then argued that he had known Mr Houston for a “long time” and had a “very big network of churches all across the United States” – and that’s why he thought it was a good idea to invite a man who aided and abetted the protection of one of Australia’s most powerful pedophiles so as to not jeopardise his inheritance of the evangelical cash cow that is the Hillsong Church.

While the nation has been left kind of embarrassed by the fact that Morrison thought that a proven pedophile protecting tax fraud happy clapper was the best we had to offer as a dinner party guest, the fact that Morrison ended up choosing Gina Rinehart to join him is also quite disconcerting.


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