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A nan strong armed into attending the Ekka has decided she’s not too keen on forking out $15 on a ride operated by a disinterested 17 year old ,and has instead made her way to the best part of the show – the dog pavilion.

Marie Kensington [62] was allegedly guilted into attending the annual petri dish by her daughter, who insisted it would make her grandson Jacob happy if she attended. Or, the more likely answer, perhaps grandma would be willing to buy Jacob a couple of showbags (considering a day at the Ekka costs approximately a week’s rent for a family to attend).

However, whatever plans they had for a wholesome family day out were quickly disbanded, when Jacob and his dad immediately made a beeline for all the chaotic rides, and mum wandered off to whatever pavilion was offering wine tasting, followed by drunkenly leering at the hunky wood choppers.

Luckily, Marie can have a little wholesome day of her own, by paying six bucks for a small ice cream and watching some Border Collies do some cool tricks, and maybe a little bit of the showjumping too.

More to come.


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