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The Prime Minister was seen wearing a Von Dutch trucker hat this morning in Canberra as he looks to distract the nation from the dubious anti-encryption laws that both he and Bill Shorten passed earlier this week.

In addition to that, Scott Morrison’s government is set to be the first government in almost 90 years to have legislation knocked back on the floor of the House.

Speaking to the media this morning in Canberra, our Prime Minister said he didn’t want to talk about work, he wanted to talk about his new hat.

“It’s actually vintage,” he said, laughing.

“Yeah yeah, I know how popular these were back in the day. Wyatt Roy even emailed me and said I was a ‘gronk’ – whatever that means! I’m just trying to get on with the job of running the country,”

“Where did I get it? Oh, I just had it lying around at home! Must belong to one of the kids or something? Maybe a nephew? I don’t know. It’s not about the hat. It’s about being sun smart.”

Interestingly, the CSIRO confirmed in 2016 that Wyatt Roy is actually a ‘massive gronk’ along with anybody under 30 who is that politically motivated.

Morrison then called an end to the presser and told reporters they should be grateful.

He didn’t indicate what they should be grateful for, however.

More to come.


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