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Sitting in the back of a Toyota Camry. Trying to focus on the screen beside her. Soon, it’ll be her turn to order and the road between her brain and her mouth is washed out.

The car rolled forward and French Quarter account coordinator Delany Lark took a deep breath in.

“Hi,” she said to the box.

“Could I please have a Double Quarter Pounder meal and, uh, six nuggets please.”

After a pause, the box asked her what size.

“Ah, a medium please,” she replied.

After a shorter pause, the box asked her what drink she wanted. Her head said water but her heart said large frozen coke.

“Actually, could you make it a large and can I have a frozen coke with it?”

The box said she could and then asked if there was anything else.

“Yeah, can I have a Happy Meal please with a juice and six hashbrowns. Can I also get three McChickens with a water and four Cheeseburgers.”

After that machine gun order, the box paused again. This time, for almost half a minute.

“Hello?” said Delany, thinking she’d broken the box.

The box came back.

“So you want them all in a meal?”

Delany said she kid.

“Is there anything else?” said the box.

“Uh, can I have, uh, actually. Can I have 20 nuggets?”

The box said she could do 10 or 6, so Delany told her not to worry.

“Ok, drive-through. It’ll be $68.50.”

More to come.


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