A 48-year-old law student from Betoota Grove was left shouting at his computer today.

The empty nester who saw his last child head out the door of his 5 bedroom sandstone house in Betoota’s leafy grove, was driven near to tears by what occurred while he was trying to study online.

David Holt, a semi-retired accountant told us that he decided to take up study after his kids left as something to do.

“I was getting a little restless with the kids gone, so I decided to dip my toe into ‘the law’ if you will,” he said.

“And it was very convenient for me, being able to study online with CQUniversity,” said Holt.

“However, there was one thing that I didn’t take into account. The whole reason that mature age uni students go to uni in the first place. To impart wisdom upon the teaching staff and next generation.”

Holt explained that he received the shock of his life upon starting his first-class online.

“I nonchalantly raised an interesting point about the workforce and how a scenario I once dealt with was relevant to a certain aspect of tort law and the lecturer didn’t even stop for a second,” he said.

“So I raised my point again, and threw a disparaging remark about people without real-world experience in as well, and, again, he didn’t stop.”

“I then informed the lecturer that I don’t take well to being ignored and I that I signed up with CQUniversity because I thought it was a more informal and collaborative learning process.”

“Then I just began shouting.”

The Rugby fan then explained it was at that point that he realised that he couldn’t physically interrupt the lecturer mid-sentence.

“What’s the point then hey? I have a whole lifetime of experience at my accounting firm, and these young kids should be obliged to listen to my lessons on life because I’m bored and have begun studying to pass the time,” he said.



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