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Tracey Alcott [25] is what you call a bit of a ‘hot mess.’

A little scatterbrained and quick to react, Tracey has a tendency to end up in all kinds of disastrous situations, which are usually the result of her either A. losing something important or B. having some kind of accident – in fact, it’s alleged these incidents have cost her at least $3K this year alone.

After a tumultuous week that included losing an Apple watch, getting yelled at by a Karen, ripping a hair extension out and hitting a curb, Tracey has informed the girl’s chat that she might be MIA for a little bit, as she needs to replace her phone.


“Fuck guys I don’t know how but I completely ducked my phone.”

“Fucked lol.”

“I don’t even know how it happened?????”

“I knew I shouldn’t have gone out last night.”

Alerting the crew that she was typing from her laptop (which she’d dropped a cup of tea on two months ago) Tracey says she ‘doesn’t know why this shit keeps happening to her.’

“I must be cursed or something I swear.”

More to come.


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