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In hindsight, says Julia Pearson, perhaps washing down that tropical-themed double chicken parmigiana with a pint of 8% red ale was a bad idea.

The French Quarter account coordinator spoke to our reporter a short time ago via Skype and the 28-year-old looked like she’d been in the wars.

“I’m fucked,” she said.

“Having like 2400 calories and a pint of full-fat craft beer for lunch really put the handbrake on. I can barely keep my eyes open. I was fucked before lunch, too. I hadn’t really eaten much since Sunday,”

“It’s called intermittent fasting. I like doing it after weekends so I feel a bit lighter and healthier. Also in hindsight, taking one of those Donald Trump yelling face pingers might’ve been a bum steer. I think I threw up at the pub. I haven’t done that in like 10 years.”

Julia’s boss walked past her cubical, noticed she was having a Skype call with our reporter then began to give her a very public tongue-lashing.

The Advocate then opted to conclude the interview there.

More to come.



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