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In a bid to modernise her look, Betoota Cove woman, Jacinta Fraser (27), last week paid $230 AUD for a pair of Apple AirPods.

However, the reception from her friendship circle and work colleagues is a fair indicator that her brand upgrade just isn’t working.

According to one friend, Jacinta just looks like a massive spoon.

“I don’t know what she was thinking, they look terrible. It’s like she’s taped white golf tees to her head.”

Reviews from co-workers followed in a similar vein.

“She walks around the office all day wearing them, I’ve never seen her wear headphones in her life now all of a sudden these AirPods are essential to her being.”

“If she looked cool it’d be different, but she looks lame, she barely uses the AirPods – I swear she’s just wearing them for the sake of it.”

The Advocate reached out to Jacinta for comment, however, we had some difficulty conducting our phone interview with her due to the connection issues caused by her trying to talk to our reporter through the AirPods.

What we did extract though was an overwhelming tone of regret.

“Yeah, I’m just not pulling them off,” she said.

“I was in Japan recently and everyone here had them and looked really cool.”

“But I look shit. It was such an impulse buy.”

The Advocate understands Jacinta is experiencing what is commonly known as Buyer’s Remorse, an overwhelming feeling of regret after purchasing any product over $150.00.

Despite knowing she looks lame and has bought an inferior product, Jacinta is firmly sticking to her guns when it comes to the AirPods.

“Yeah, well I don’t have much of a choice. I’ve just got to own it.”

More to come.


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