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A local teacher has been left absolutely livid today after 10 years of mental planning and research have come crashing down around her.

The toppling of her dreams can solely be attributed to a new little shit in her year 3 class called Finlay Chaird, Finn for short.

“I just can’t believe it” Kate McMaster sobbed to our reporter.

“I didn’t think anyone in Betoota would be called Finn”

“And for him to be put in my class? I am just devastated”

“He’s such a little shout”

“Sorry, I mean shit, I’ve had to change swear words so the kids don’t hear me swearing”

It’s believed that on his first day Finn began making trouble by pulling other classmate’s hair and cheating in handball.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do for a name now, Finn was my destiny.”

The Advocate reached out to Finn’s mother, Pearl, to get more of an idea about why the child so poorly behaved.

“Poor Ms. McMaster, he’s a terror at home too. To be honest though, I’m just grateful for him to be someone else’s problem again”

At time of print, Kate has reportedly started to warm to Hugo as a baby name.

More to come.  


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