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A local publican has this week ghosted a loyal employee, by refusing to inform her that she’d actually been let go.

The employee in question, Jacinta McMullan [24] had worked at the Shifty Hen for two and half years as a casual employee, taking up three to four shifts a week as well as being the go to person everyone knew would cover a shift – seeing as she was a broke uni student always in need of some extra cash.

It’s alleged she’d waited all day to receive a copy of next week’s roster, which usually arrived on the dot 10 am Monday morning, and to see if she’d be working the public holiday – a shift she sincerely hoped she’d managed to wrangle, seeing as she was one of the longest serving staff members.

As the time ticked by and Jacinta had still not received an email, she merely thought that perhaps her boss John had forgotten to schedule. But after attempting to call him a couple of times and leaving him a message, Jacinta was left feeling a little bit stumped.

That is, until it reached Friday afternoon and Jacinta’s mates at work informed her that they’d received their schedule, meaning that Jacinta was 90% certain she’d been let go.

Our reporter tried to reach out to John for an answer, but he was too much of a piss baby coward to pick up the phone. 

More to come.


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