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A Betoota Heights father has confirmed today that former giant of the sky Ansett Australia would’ve never treated people the way that major airlines in this country are now.

In admitting that fact, Gary Martin of Ridgeway Terrace also conceded that the high levels of personal service and attention to detail were “probably half the reason why” the airline went into receivership in the weeks after the September 11 Terror Attacks in New York City.

“I spose you need to have your ying with your yang, as the Chinese say,” explained the 71-year-old semi-retired builder.

“Ansett had too much ying. They were took good to people. I remember flying on Ansett a fair bit back in the day. I wasn’t one of those blokes who was loyal to whatever, I just wrote the travel agent a cheque and went wang,”

“Whereas with Qantas. You have some ying and some yang. They won’t fly you into a mountainside but they won’t treat you with any real dignity. You call them up and wait for seventeen days to speak to someone, then when you finally get onto someone, they’re on the verge of tears after getting abused by every silly old boomer cunt from Byron to Bunbury. It’s sad more than anything,”

“Similar thing happened to Ansett. You had the fat cats at the top sucking up all the cream while the workers got fed shit. Air New Zealand shafting Ansett was revenge for the underarm ball. You wanna know who sunk Ansett? Those sanctimonious Chappell brothers,”

“Anyway, that’s just my two cents. The wrong airline went broke that day. While I’ve got you, I reckon Hazelton was way better than Rex. What a stupid name. Rex.”

More to come.


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