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A local baby boomer has stormed out of his accountant’s office this week after his accountant dared to suggest that the boomer’s tax return might not subsidise the two overseas holidays he had planned for later this year.

It’s believed that Simon Hortly-Smith told his accountant that he was a “useless piece of shit” and that he wasn’t sure what he was even paying him for, before leaving the office in a white rage.

The Advocate sat down with Mr. Hortly-Smith after he had simmered down to see what caused him this clear distress.

“When you’d been dodging tax on 5 negatively geared investment properties, 3 separate trust accounts and 10 hobbies, you’d be pissed off too if your accountant all of a sudden told you to pay tax, wouldn’t you?”

“This prick is telling me I have to pay an extra $50k this year”

“Where am I going to find that kind of money?”

“Honestly, it’s bullshit.”

Upon speaking to Mr. Hortly-Smith’s accountant though, our reporter was able to see that $50k really wasn’t that much in the scheme of his client’s wealth.

“Fuck I hope Labor don’t get in he said,” the boomer said concluding the interview.

More to come.


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