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Sitting at a Bulimba café on a sunny weekday morning after a solid lead session, bodybuilder Rheece Johnson ears pricked up after hearing a woman go on about an amazing new juice diet she’s been on.

“So here I am thinkin’ you beauty, a summer flame who’s on the juice too,” he tells our reporter.

“So, I went to chime in and tell her about my juice diet”  

“But when I turn around, it’s a bloody mum with easily a less than 30% muscle mass” he says with a disgust, the words coming out like bile on his tongue.

“I should have known she meant legit juice; not the kinda shit I’m on”

Mr Johnson went on to explain to The Advocate the concerning cocktail of performance enhancing drugs he’d been pumping into his system for the best part of seven years.

“Yeah so I switch ‘em up, but usually have 4 on rotation”

“At the moment I’m goin’ Dianabol, Anavar, Finaject and just straight Testosterone”

“It’s fucken’ grouse”

Rheece’s steroid use might sound concerning, but a recent study found that 54% of all male bodybuilders were using anabolic steroids on a regular basis – with at least 15 different types detected overall.

More to come.


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