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Even though he was given Ottolenghi as a guide, a Betoota Heights man has concluded that Yotam and his difficult recipes can go and get fucked this evening as he picks out a six-pack of kangaroo sausages for dinner.

Dan Keegan, under instruction from his partner Jill Teehan, was told to pick up a few things for dinner on his way home from work today.

He spoke to The Advocate today in the carpark of the Betoota Heights Stockland, where he and our reporter smoked a JPS Blue each and spat on the floor as they chatted.

“Look what I got,” said Dan as he pulled the cool bag lid open.

He smiled as he showed our reporter some kangaroo sausages and some ugly pick vegetables.

“The missus will love this because kangaroo meat is very environmentally friendly. Compared to beef, they’re pretty much solar powered!”

Dan then went to spit on the ground but accidentally hit our reporter’s shoe.

“Oh, fuck! Sorry mate! Here, let me clean that up,” he said.

He rolled his coat sleeve down and wiped the spit off my fucking shoe.

“Do you reckon the missus will think these Kanga Bangas are as cool as I do?”

Our reporter said probably not – and walked back over the other side of the carpark to stand in the sun.

More to come.


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