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A rather niche LinkedIn study has found a surprising indication of success amongst millennials, stemming all the way back from Primary school.

For those unaware of the trend, Scoobies are a knotting craft that was first made popular in France in the 1950s, and then weirdly exploded in the mid 2000s in Primary schools across the world. Using plastic strings, children were able to impress each other by crafting these colourful concoctions, with the more strings (or fatter the Scoobie) the more impressive.

These designs also came in various levels of difficulty, starting from  a simple barrel knot, to a double spiral and Chinese staircase.

LinkedIn can now confirm that the Scoobie craze actually proved to be a fair indication of future success, on both sides of the spectrum.

“We can confirm that every girl people asked to start their Scoobies, which as you know, is the most difficult part, is now in a highly paid managerial position”, said the spokesperson.

“And kids who found making a simple Scoobie too difficult have now all been diagnosed with ADHD.”

More to come.


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