To the Editor,

I have been a faithful reader of The Betoota Advocate for 25 years now and in that time, I have enjoyed the fiercely independent and unbiased coverage of local issues. However, in recent months, I have noticed that the editorial content of your newspaper has become quite biased and that offends me, as a reader.

It is pertinent that I mention that I read The Advocate online because many of the state and national stories are not found in the print edition of the paper. I do so through a browser that has AdBlocker installed – as well as a paywall blocker. Why might you ask? To prevent from getting scammed. Again.

I am writing to you today because I feel this paper, which used to be a fine and fair rag, has drifted too far to the left and I think your reputation is now unsalvagable. The repeated mocking of Scott Morrison is disrespectful to the Office of the Prime Minister and the daily hit-pieces published have only galvanised by vote for the Liberal Party.

It is the cosmic duty of every newspaper editor in the country to make sure they are telling the whole story. Now just one that stands to benefit shareholders or some political ideology. Take for example The Australian. That is a newspaper that you can set your watch to. Fair coverage on both Scott Morrison and “Mr Albo”. You have gone the way of the ABC and have decided to chase the corporate dollar and for that, I say shame on you.

Today, you have lost a reader in me. I will no longer share your articles or tell my son’s friends that I knew your father, Sir Clive. Nevertheless, your election coverage is beyond the pale. It is nasty and one-sided.

From now on, I’ll be reading the Courier-Mail and watching Sky News. Where opinions aren’t shot down, they’re debated in a calm and pragmatic manner. I’m deleting the bookmark in my browser now. Goodbye and good luck.


Peter Overell.


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