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There will be no Lamborghini.

No beach house.

No weekend getaways in the private jet, nor models to occupy the Gulfstream’s plush leather seats.

Instead, only broken dreams and a seemingly dead-end job in a field that will cease to exist once next year’s doomsday recession takes hold.

Today has been a bad day for Danny Madigan. Not because the crypto markets crashed again or he saw a photo on Facebook of his ex-girlfriend sitting in the lap of someone much better looking and more successful than he is.

Today Danny finally admitted to himself that cryptocurrency is dead and every dream he had for the future is in the coffin with it.

“It’s like having a sad, heavy weight lifted off my shoulder,” said Danny.

He joined our reporter in the downstairs designated smoking garden here at The Advocate‘s Daroo Street offices just a few hours ago.

Over the course of a few hours, he poured his heart out while a friend counselled him.

“For so long, you couldn’t do any wrong,” he said.

“You put money into crypto and it went up like ten fold in like ten minutes. Now all my money is basically gone. I’ve got nothing left. I’m just about to break even, which is fucked,”

“I should’ve listened to my dad, he said to buy ETFs from large name-brand financial institutions and be thankful for my 5% each year. Fuck, he’s so wise. No wonder he owns a house,”

“I just want what my parents had! But I want it all now!”

Danny then broke down and his friend decided the interview should end there.

More to come.



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