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A digital book library for people with ADHD has been put into a local woman’s junk drawer until the world stops spinning today as her summer holiday to the coast ends and the office opens back up.

French Quarter city worker Rachael Carmichael only received the Kindle for Christmas from her live-in boyfriend, Kelvin, who thought it might be a nice addition to their planned holiday to our state’s Sunshine Coast.

It was, initially.

Kelvin explained to our reporter a short time ago that the Kindle and Rachael were initially inseparable but now that they’ve come back to the Diamantina and are now back at work, the Kindle has found itself in the junk drawer of their rented townhouse on Rue de Putain.

“I should’ve known when that Liane Moriarty book was on our bedside table for 2 years without being touched once,” he said.

“But I think how that Kindle lets you know how much you’ve read and whatnot, I reckon Rach really liked that and saw reading as some sort of game – or achievement or something. Anyway, she read about 2 or 3 books the whole time we were at Mooloolaba,”

“Now the things in the junk drawer with all manner of shit. Old phone cables, fucked staplers, pots of White Out, glue sticks, letter openers, bullets, pens, pencils, sticky tape. All manner of shit! But, you know, it brought her a bit of joy for a few days so who gives a shit, right? It’s only money in the end.”

When contacted by The Advocate, Rachael confirmed that the Kindle was now in the junk drawer and that’s where it’ll be staying.

“Look, I gave reading a red-hot crack but it’s just not for me,” she said.

“Which is fair enough.”

More to come.


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