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There are some traditions that last the test of time and for local woman Tegan Sowry [28], watching Harry Potter while feeling like utter dog shit is one of them.

Much to the annoyance of her partner, Tegan always insisted on watching one of the Potter movies after a big night out, as there was nothing she craved more in her wretched state than a comforting movie – that, and a frozen coke.

Perfect for hangovers, comedowns or even a simple cold, watching the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione never failed to give Tegan the proverbial hug she needed to forge on – especially if she picked one of the first four movies, which are noticeably lighter in tone than the rest.

With the Goblet of Fire being her personal favourite, Tegan is alleged to have watched the Potter movies at least a hundred times, often devolving to speaking like Kreature, which was a habit she randomly picked up and has never been able to shake since.

It’s alleged Tegan used the points she’d accumulated from her Uber addiction to get a couple of months free of the platform hosting the special, which has arrived just in time for a horrendous post-Christmas Party hangover.

Whimpering as she delicately cradled the couch blanket, Tegan is said to have felt numerous conflicting emotions watching her childhood fictional friends, marvelling at Daniel Radcliffe’s beard, the timeless beauty of Emma Watson and the notable absence of J.K Rowling, who broke hearts around the world when she decided bullying Trans people was a hill worth dying on.

Speaking only to ask her partner to pat her sore head, Tegan lay in enraptured silence before falling asleep to the soothing notes of Hedwig’s Theme.

More to come.


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