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A local home distiller has marvelled at the first batch of scotch whiskey he’s made, telling our reporter this morning that it’s simply the best scotch whiskey he’s ever tasted.

Lucas Doreroy admits freely that he’s not a real scotch drinker. He hasn’t twirled a blue label around a tumbler before. Nor has he told a bartender to ‘hold the ice’ because he didn’t want the water to disturb the flavour.

Surprisingly, he’s not even a Young Liberal.

The 29-year-old waterproofer explained to The Advocate that he got into his ‘moonshining’ because he was bored.

“Like most things, my girlfriend tried to talk me out of it. Saying I’d end up giving my mates methanol poisoning or blowing the roof off the garage,” he said.

“But, it’s all been smooth sailing so far. Peggy even said it doesn’t taste too bad.”

It was the Friday before last when Lucas first saw the clear drops of pure grain alcohol drip from the spout and into the plastic bucket underneath.

He recalls how excited he was.

“I just kept thinking, ‘How good is this? My very own whiskey,’ and that,” he said.

“I’ll admit that at one point, I thought this could be the start of my own whiskey empire! [laughs] Christ on a pushbike, I’m so fucking bored.”

Into the bucket of clear grain alcohol, Lucas added in all the flavours of his favourite scotch.

“A few drops of peat flavouring. A couple of smoke for good measure. But as I was adding in the stonefruit higher notes, the top came off the dropper and half the bottle went in,”

“So it tastes somewhere between peach schnapps and hand sanitizer. I’m honestly thinking about taking it to market,”

“Lucas’ Peaty Peach Scotch Whiskey and the logo would be my face on a squeeze bottle of activated charcoal,”

“What do you think?”

More to come.


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