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Proving that the age of spandex is well and truly back, Hollywood producers have been rushing to reboot bromance themed 1980s hits, which appear to be a winning formula.

Despite being a decade that was not known to be very socially progressive, 80s movies were chock full of bromances, with movies such as Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Wayne’s World and Beverly Hills Cop dominating the charts – not to mention Top Gun, which didn’t even attempt to conceal its thinly veiled homoerotism.

After seeing how much success the 21 Jump Street franchise had by embracing the bromance, more studios have been keen to adopt this formula and reboot some classics with male celebrities that everybody likes – including the latest Disney meta animated comedy, Chip N Dale, which features the world’s most recognisable laugh (Seth Rogen) and the world’s most recognisable chin (Andy Samberg). 

It’s alleged Disney producers were offered the choice of a remake, a sequel, a superhero movie or something to do with the Rock that would do well in China, when they stumbled upon the cute chipmunks whilst doing their annual backcombing of Disney’s catalogue. 

Though on the downlow, it’s been hinted that Disney are now considering a live action Goofy movie, seeing as they can pretty much just reuse Rogen and Samberg again.

More to come.


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