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The High Court of Australia has rejected beanbag with eyes Clive Palmer’s bid to enter our nation’s prosperous West today, leaving the mining magnate with no other option than to wait it out like the rest of the filthy East.

High Court Justice Richard Tickler handed down the verdict today in Canberra, where he made a special mention that Mr Palmer can “suffer in his jocks”.

This decision means Mr Palmer has also exhausted all legal avenues to enter Western Australia and the ‘Government of Western Australia v Clive Palmer (‘The “How Does Get Fucked Sound, Clive? Case'”) [2021] HCA 31 sets a precedent in constitutional law that severely impedes any further legal challenge to the West’s strict border measures.

Speaking to reporters outside the High Court in Canberra, Clive said he was disappointed by the decision but will still try his best to get to Perth before the year is out.

“Mark McGowan may have won this battle but he has not won the battle to end all battles,” he said.

“I’m going to keep fighting for the people of Western Australia. I will not give up on them, they are living under a totalitarian regime and I will free them,”

“This is not over.”

The Advocate received a comment from the Office of the West Australian Premier, who said simply that this matter is now closed and Mr McGowan will not be commenting further on it.

More to come.


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