A local mum has found a genius solution to finding lost things, it’s reported.

Sally King [51] was sitting in her favourite armchair doing a crossword puzzle when she noticed her daughter frantically searching under the couch cushions.

The young woman, Susie [17] had lost her phone and was panicking as she’d been without it for ten whole minutes.

“Should I try calling it?”

“Well, why would you put it on silent?”

After copping a dirty look from Susie, Sally thought she’d try her luck and call her phone in the hopes that they’d be able to miraculously hear it’s sonic vibration from three rooms away.

When that and a thorough search through the living room crevices didn’t get them any closer, Sally was almost at the point of giving up when she had a groundbreaking thought.


“Where’s the last place you saw it?”

On that helpful note, Susie was reportedly able to mentally backtrack every single step she’d taken over the past 24 hours.

“Bloody brilliant mum!”

“Wished I’d thought to think that.”

As Susie raced into her room to extract her phone from behind the headboard, Sally smugly resumed her seat in the lounge and silently congratulated herself for saving the day yet again.

More to come.


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