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Much-loved Neighbours personality Harrold Bishop is set to go out with a bang after leaked scripts indicate that the paternal character will make his first appearance since 2015 to finally get his revenge on all those who’ve wronged him.

Bishop, who sensationally left the show 7 years ago after he held up the Ramsay Street TAB and went on the lam, only to be caught a few seasons later after some other residents of the iconic Melbourne street snitched on him.

So in the finale, Harrold is coming back to settle the score.

Speaking to The Advocate today, former showrunner Kevin Chimney said that Neighbours has shown a number of firsts on Australian television and it seems like in the finale, it might play host to another historic first.

“From these scripts, it looks like we might have the nation’s first murder-suicide on prime time television,” he said.

Mr Chimney was then reminded that Neighbours is not on prime time anymore and has largely been replaced by extremely wealthy, egotistical journalists who think their opinions matter.

“Oh yeah, well, I guess it’ll be the fifth or sixth on British television. But anyway, it’s on 10 Peach or 10 Ortofellatio or whatever it’s called these days,” he said.

“Whatever it’s on, it’ll be compelling television. I just hope it’s Toadfish who gets it. Through the forehead, pink mist and everything. Hopefully, it ends in some sort of siege and a police sniper is forced to blow Harrold’s head off, exploding like a basketball getting pumped full of red wine until it bursts. That’s the type of ending Neighbours deserves.”

The Advocate reached out to Network 10 for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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