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A young alumna from the Royal Sacred Queensbridge College in Betoota Grove sat down with The Advocate today to talk about her incredible, and inspiring rebrand this year.

Misty Healer, (21), a graduate from the town’s most prestigious straw boater hat school, explained that she is really beginning to find her feet as a naturopath.

The former school bully from Queensbridge told us that after few holidays in NSW’s Northern Rivers and a yoga retreat in Bali she started coming to terms with her true calling in life.

“Yeah, after that Bali trip, it just clicked for me,” said the young woman whose parents work as high flying legal eagles in Betoota’s Old City District.

“Everyone is put on this earth for a reason, and I think providing non-invasive self-healing to people who have too much money or are incredibly desperate was what I was meant to do.”

“It’s been a tough couple of years getting certified at the Royal Betoota School Of Snake Oil, but it’s all worth it now that I am able to fleece people of their money by promising to provide abstract cures for things that they should probably just see a GP or a specialist about.”

“I just diagnosed a young woman with Lactose Intolerance before, and the relief on her face when she finally had someone telling her what she wanted to here was incredible,” explained the woman who forced a young classmate to change schools a few years ago.

“When you can change peoples lives like that, it’s just so wholesome and fulfilling.”


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