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Deep in thought as he stares out into the Big Blue Bin off Sydney, one flag-wearing patriot says he’s beginning to question everything after comes to terms with the fact that his Prime Minister is actually the one who’s completely full of shit.

The man, who asked The Advocate to refer to him as Ralph, said that he was lead to believe his whole life that people like Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were all liars.

For the most part, they probably were, said Ralph.

”But even I knew that they told the truth sometimes, I mean, everyone tells the truth most of the time. At least, I do,” he said.

”This bloke though, Scott Morrison, it’s just relentless. If he was living in a small town, he’d be run out of town. You’re only worth as much as your word in the bush and his word is worthless. At least Barnaby can get a bridge built. Scotty has done nothing. He says one thing and does another,”

”Don’t get me wrong, I’d still prefer him over that Albo but good grief, the lying just makes it so fucking cringe. I feel so embarrassed for him. How he gets up there at the dumb fuck box or whatever that thing is in Parliament and just yells like a terrified city boy about to get the piss booted out of him for cutting in the cab line at Northies,”

”It’s fucken wild. The only blokes I know who still reckon he’s the ducks guts are the rugby union boys and the elderly. I mean, sure, you vote for the guy down here but Jesus Christ, he just pretends that he’s not a complete bullshit artist and it’s so fucken weird. It’d be refreshing if he was just honest with me for once,”

”He wears the flag on his face and I wear it as a cape. We are the same person.”

More to come.


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