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Opposition leader Peter Dutton is spruiking his nuclear energy policy to the generation that might actually get to use it one day.

Through the power of social media, including Gen-Z favourite ‘Tick-Tock’, Mr Dutton spoke to the nation’s future in their own tongue today in a new video that the Opposition hopes will get more and more young people on their side come next April.

In the video, Mr Dutton outlines his vision for their future.

“Wagwan, Gen Z! No cap, nuclear energy is the ultimate glow-up we need,” he said.

“Imagine every day being a glo day with energy that slaps and never hits different in a bad way. It’s clean, green, and efficient, unlike those cheugy fossil fuels that are trying too hard but still fail. Nuclear energy is consistently clutch, avoiding that Godfather syndrome we see with unreliable sources like solar and wind,”

“With nuclear, our energy game is dripping with rizz, keeping our environment snatched and our future secure. It’s like understanding the assignment and nailing it every time, making our country a main character on the world stage. And don’t worry, we’re keeping it low-key on the risks, using nature’s pocket to safely store waste. No backshots of pollution here, just pure, sustainable energy,”

“This isn’t just some bet; it’s a high-key move towards a future that’s bussin’ with opportunities and innovation. So, let’s say less and embrace this power source. OK boomer? It’s time to leave the old, cheugy ways behind and skrrt towards a brighter, cleaner future. We’re ready to flex on the world with nuclear energy that hits different and keeps us vibing for generations to come,”

“Catch you on the flip, libtards.”

Closer to home, 19-year-old Douglas Overell, nephew of this masthead’s editor Clancy Overell, said he had seen the video but didn’t know or care about who that man was or what he was trying to say.

“I don’t really care,” he said.

“I don’t even know who that guy is, I just know he keeps uncle Clancy up at night.”

More to come.


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