Several rugby fans that were forced to sit in the Remienko Memorial Stadium’s General Admission area, after missing out on corporate tickets with their dads, have been spotted standing on their plastic seating to avoid getting chewing gum or discarded on hot chips on their boots.

Local Rugby die-hard Bryce Anderson-Botha says it’s not every day you get the chance to see the Southwest Queensland Gidgees versing a team they could 100% beat on paper, playing football just down the road.

“I nearly didn’t come when I heard there was only general admission tickets left… ”

“But it’s cold enough to wear a scarf and people don’t usually know where you’ve been sitting when you hit the pubs in the French Quarter afterwards”

“I had to just bit the bullet and sit down there with the boys. It was like being trackside at Bathurst 1000. I was standing on the seat most of the time”

The team captain Stevie Stevens has conceded he overestimated the Gidgees desire to win in their upset loss to the Ilfracombe Tricolours.

The Gidgees’ 24-19 defeat in at ‘home’ in Betoota’s leafy Eastern Suburbs has only left fans more concerned about the future of rugby union in Betoota, and coach Michael Trollipole is forecasting personnel changes to fix everything once and for all.

The loss will see the Gidgees drop from third on the Country Queensland rankings to possibly sixth, while the Tricolours are set to climb to fourth.


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