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The disgraced former Member for Wagga Daryl MaGuire is set to become the first Daryl since Melbourne dog racing identity Darryl Kerrigan to cause this much legal turmoil.

MaGuire’s ex-girlfriend, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, was forced to resign from government today because left-wing witch hunt, the ICAC, is probing their relationship.

It comes some 25 years after Darryl Kerrigan ruined a proposed airport expansion in Melbourne by taking the developer and the government to the High Court with the aid of a pro-bono barrister and winning, setting a deadly precedent for all further development in this country.

The Kerrigan decision has caused untold damage to the national economy ever since and the name Daryl has become synonymous with legal strife.

The trouble that Daryl MaGuire has caused not only to Gladys Berejiklian – but to the wider NSW public – remains to be seen.

More to come.


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