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A mother of three on the outskirts of our cosmopolitan desert community has tied her oversized living room together with the addition of an oversized, rustic wall clock.

Angela Molcranny, of ‘Daintree’ via Betoota, found the clock at the French Quarter Life Dreams store, which is a place she often likes dropping into of a Saturday morning.

Speaking to The Advocate in the Life Dreams carpark, Angela said she’s been looking for something to really bring her eclectic mix of furnishings together.

“Just look at it, it’s massive,” she said as she tried to force it into the boot of her EL Fairmont.

“I’ve got those sofas from IKEA with the nice throws on them. A collection of laps, some candlestick holders and some statues that freak my son out a little bit,”

“But this is really something. My husband’s on the land and he’s been a bit grumpy at the moment because it’s been raining too much and all the water is running off too fast and it’s all but fucked the natural pasture and topsoil. Not to mention he’s had to repair the flood fences half a dozen times,”

“He sold some breeders too at the start of the year, now he’s got a tax problem, he says. So today, he’s done down to Ford to pretty much get a new Ranger and get the asset write-off. If there’s any leftover, he could get me a new car but I’m not holding my breath,”

“For now, it’s wall clocks and mainlining a local 2020 white straight from the bottle into my carotid artery. If only you could actually do that.”

More to come.


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