What would have been a perfectly adequate breakfast became a day destroying fiasco as a conveyor belt toaster let down a perfectly decent buffet breakfast.

The buffet breakfast offered at the heritage listed Betoota Baths Resort and Bingo Hall, was described to guests as ‘continental’ as if Australian’s give a fuck what Europeans get up to.

Unfortunately for the supermarket preserves provided, they were ultimately betrayed as the conveyor belt toaster failed to do the one thing it was manufactured for.

“Do I need to turn the heat up?” asked one desperate dinner, unsure of how they would spread hard little rectangles of butter on to cold bread.


Considered a mechanical oddity by many, the conveyor belt toaster is found only at buffet breakfast situations as an alternative to having a couple of household toasters that are objectionably easier to use, move and effectively give uncooked bread an appealing crunch.

For some the expectation-destroying buffet toaster is a mild inconvenience but to others it is a reminder that no matter how well planned and enticing the future may seem, forces beyond your control are capable of destroying your dreams leaving consequences in their dust.

“Might have to pop it in again.”



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