A client has thoughtfully waited until the last possible moment to request a massive revision, despite having all week to answer an email.

It’s alleged the staff at ‘Pump agency’ were just about to leave for the weekend when an email arrived in one of the account managers inboxes.

Titled ‘urgent’, the email was roughly three pages long and highlighted an excruciating amount of changes to the point where it was borderline fickle, as well as vague direction and no reference material for graphics, which gave the designer nothing to work with.

Though requests to make the pink font one shade lighter, and to change the word ‘great’ to ‘fantastic’ were relatively easy to fix, the client also added that they’d ‘forgot to mention’ a competition that was running…tomorrow.

“We have a competition running this weekend and would like some graphics and a social media campaign and ideally want at least one hundred people entering. Is there any way we can get customer email addresses too?”

“A banner for the website would be good too, like maybe they can click on it?”

“And I know those keyword things are meant for SEO but I don’t think it fits with the brand at all, so can you please remove all of them.”

“As for the black dress campaign graphics, I don’t like them, it needs more ‘wow.’

More to come.


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