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A once-proud alumnus of the exclusive Lauriston Girls’ School who’s now settled in Melbourne’s Fitzroy has explained to this masthead this afternoon that she’d vote for our first POC Prime Minister if he was more clear in his opinion of horse racing.

It’s an election issue according to India Knight because, for her, animal cruelty and exploitation is second behind climate change in the hierarchy of problems facing this nation.

“Horse racing is a relic of the 19th century and it’s time we moved on,” she told our reporter via telephone.

“Besides climate change, there’s no larger issue for me at this election. We know the Liberals not only support the exploitation and cruelty of animals, we know that many of them have shares in racehorses. This election, I’m prepared to vote Labor if Anthony Albanese makes clear his opinion on Nup to the Cup, which is a movement that’s doing a lot of good work in preventing the continued torture of horses around Australia,”

“Which is a shame, because he’s a POC and I’d love for Australia to move forward into the 21st century and elect him over Lord Poo’d His Pants.”

Ms Knight went on to explain that she claims Acadian descent on her mother’s side.

“Half my family is French Canadian. We’re ethic Acadians. Mum was forced to leave her home by Dad, who got a new job in Australia working for some energy project in Bass Strait or something. He was also a folk musician but he’s originally from Queensland so, yeah. So you, know, like, I can see what Albo is dealing with,”

“The most important thing here is that we get some transparency when it comes to where our politicians stand.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Albanese’s office for comment but they have yet to respond to our reporter’s inquiries.

More to come.

For full disclosure, The Betoota Advocate’s parent company (哑袋鼠投资 Pty Ltd) is also the majority shareholder in the Betoota Astroturf Racing Club Pty Ltd and also has a small number of local racing stables in their portfolio.


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