“What?” began the angry conversation with Dale Pooley this afternoon.

“Just hang on, I’m trying to find the Star in the Betoota Ponds,” he yelled out to his speakerphone.

“Righto, what do you want,” he then said picking up the conversation with The Advocate while leaning gainst is 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer, directly disregarding the protocol around not having your phone out while filling your car up.

“Yeah, sorry I don’t like pissing money away,” continued the ‘recreational’ gambler with 7 different betting apps.

“I’m just trying to make sure I get the best price on fuel, and Betoota Ponds is only a 15-minute drive down the road,” explained the Betoota Plains resident who is making sure to get 15c a litre better in the more working-class part of our town.

The man who likes to gamble on goat tracks in rural NSW, Queensland and Victoria explained that he always likes getting value for money.

“These servos are fucking crooks,” he said referring to the service station chains blatantly price gouging customers around the country on petrol prices.

“So are the bookies, but as the customer, I’m always trying to get the price, that’s why I have all those betting apps, if that’s what you are asking me about.”

“Besides I like putting on a trifecta at Corowa Race 4, it makes me feel like I’m learning a bit of Australian geography.”

He then told us he had to go and pay and pick up a guilt-free 2 for one Maxibon special.

“There’s no one else in the car, just before you ask. I’m going to polish them both off and enjoy every bite. Don’t treat shame me.”

He then hung up.


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