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The unsinkable Barnaby Joyce has received another written warning from Parliament House for putting his feet in the fountain and letting the fish eat all his dead feet skin.

Under the Parliamentary Code of Conduct, the fish in the courtyard water fountain aren’t allowed to be fed by anyone other than the Father of the House. The Father of the House is currently Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, who witnesses say caught Mr Joyce with his feet in the fountain again.

Parliament House confirmed that Barnaby had been warned again, telling The Advocate that he should know better.

“It’s a biosecurity issue,” said an APH official.

“Of all the people in this place, Barnaby should know that you can’t just introduce a new ecosystem into an existing one. Bob Katter strictly controls what the fish in that fountain consume. He spends hours each morning catching skinks in the garden. When he’s filled up half a small pillowcase with skinks, he throws them in. These fish eat skinks in the wild, so it’s natural,”

“So when Barnaby puts his feet in the fountain, that’s not as nature intended. God knows where Barnaby’s feet have been.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Joyce’s office for comment but were told his new 3-man staffer team was under the pump today.

More to come.


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