Betoota Heights mum Vola Warne (50) has managed to find some comfort in the recreational activities of her aspiring-busker son Jackson Warne (16) upon noticing the young muso was reading a book that hadn’t been assigned by a teacher or anything.

Initially excited that her son might have an interest in reading and academics, Vola Warne was brought back down to reality as she observed the book Jackson is reading is the autobiography of Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Keidis titled ‘Scar Tissue.’ 

“Well, at least he’s reading,” stated Vola, unaware her son was halfway through a chapter about Keidis having group anal sex while on heroin.

“That’s good for him at least.”

At 480 pages, the former NY Times bestseller was the catalyst for future rockstar autobiographies as well as making budding musicians believe they too could balance musical stardom with a crippling drug addiction.

“I mean, other kids his age are getting out there and protesting climate change so reading a rockstar autobiography that came out 15 years ago is…yeah.”

When asked what he planned on moving on to after Scar Tissue, Jackson Warne stated he would try ‘The Dirt.’

“They made it into a movie on Netflix but I should read the book first,” stated Jackson, hinting that some literary snobbery had transferred to him.

“Hey, if my mum wanted me to behave myself, she why’d she name me Jackson.”


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