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In a perfect world, Bob Hawke and Steve Irwin would come down from the heavens and rip the Victoria Cross off Ben Robert-Smith’s chest and award it to the brave activist that poured ethically-sourced crude oil on the track down at Flemington this morning.

Just after dawn in Melbourne, a figure was seen jumping from a Subaru Forrester and leaping the fence of the city’s most sacred racecourse. With them they dragged a hose and through the hose came a sludge that they hoped would ruin the races for everyone – especially the horses.

The person behind the art installation is from Melbourne’s South Yarra, or ‘Little Sydney’ as the locals call it.

Despite South Yarra being one of the more working-class suburbs of Melbourne, The Advocate can reveal that today was the first time that activist was up and doing something productive by 6am in their life.

They refused to go on record with that they intended to achieve but said the very fact that The Advocate was reporting on it meant their aims had more or less been achieved.

More to come.


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