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There’s been a big shift in Australian politics this week, as the nation watched in confusion as our prime minister met with international delegates, and didn’t appear to do anything embarrassing or mildly insulting.

Anthony Alabanese has appeared at QUAD as one of his first duties as prime minister, which he did so with the new foreign minister Penny Wong.

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue [Quad] comprises of four countries (India, Australia, Japan and the US) and was originally created by India after the 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami. 

Briefly disbanded in 2007 in fear it would ruffle China’s feathers, the Quad formed again in 2017, where the nation’s now regularly meet to discuss security agreements and tactics to ‘keep a free and open Indo-Pacific.’

Though Albanese has well and truly hit the ground running, he also made sure to get a little shopping in before he went home – stopping in at Japan’s anime precinct ‘Akihabara’ to get some cute knick knacks for his new Kirribilli home.

He goes to show The Advocate a few of the items he picked up, when our reporter immediately points out a very questionable looking item in his study.

“Oh hahaha…that”, says a visibly nervous Albanese as he gently pokes the inflated breasts of a big titty anime girl mousepad, “it’s for ergonomic reasons.”

“I…um…I have RSI you see…and uh…the placement of the..bb.bb.bbreasts…alleviates the um…the pressure off the wrist..”


More to come.


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